Passion, Excellence, Attitude, Knowledge


Fort McMurray Public School District is pleased to offer the PEAK Athletic Academy, a passion based learning model that allows students athletes to combine their passion for sports within an academic setting.  PEAK Athletic Academy. The "peak" is  the focus on students striving to be at the top of their athletic, academic, and leadership potential in hockey, dance or soccer.


PEAK’s founding philosophy was built around achieving a balance between academics, leadership and sport skill development.  Too often, there is a great deal of pressure on young competitive athletes to balance their academic studies with their community team commitments, extra curricular activities along with other responsibilities in their young lives.  This rigorous schedule can often result in the student experiencing varying degrees of difficulty completing their academic studies.  Our PEAK Academy focuses on promoting the student as an athlete and providing the academic and leadership development to support success in sports.  

Our PEAK program is based out of the following public schools:


École Dickinsfield Elementary School - 201 Dickins Drive

Telephone: 780-791-6990

Grades 3 - 6 Hockey


Christina Gordon Elementary School - 106 Parsons Creek Drive

Telephone: 780-799-7900

Grades 4 - 6 Basketball


Fort McMurray Christian School 190 Tamarack Way

Telephone:  780-743-1079

Grade 4 - 9 Volleyball


Walter and Gladys Hill Elementary Public School 3 - 301 Sparrow Hawk Drive

Telephone:  780-743-3101

Grade 4 - 6 Multi-Sport Academy


École McTavish Junior High School - 352 Parsons Creek Drive

Telephone: 780-790-1100

Grades 7 - 9 Volleyball & Basketball

Grades 7-12 Dance, Hockey & Soccer


Dr. Karl A. Clark Elementary School - 8453 Franklin Avenue

Telephone: 780-743-2444

Grades 4-6 Soccer