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What sports are offered and at what schools?
  • École Dickinsfield Elementary School - Hockey (grade 4-6)
  • Christina Gordon Elementary School - Basketball (grade 4-6)
  • Walter & Gladys Hill Elementary School - Cricket (grade 4-6)
  • École McTavish High School - Dance (grade 7-12), Hockey (grade 7-12), Soccer (grade 7-12) and Basketball (grade 7-9)
  • Fort McMurray Christian School - Volleyball (grade 4-9)
  • Dr. Clark - Soccer - Soccer (grade 4-6)
Will my child miss school or core subjects?

Your child will be placed in a class specific to the Sports Program that will ensure their schedule has the least amount of impact on their classes. Most students will not miss any core time, however if they do miss one, a plan is created to ensure no gaps occur.

How many days is the Sports Academy offered?
  • Each specific sport has their set PEAK days.  Most sports are offered 2-3 days/week.
Is transportation offered?

Yes, Sparksman bussing transports some of the academy student athletes to and/or from their specific sport training.  Otherwise, most sports are offered during school hours on-site at the school so no transportation is required.

What’s included in the Sports Academy costs?

Your tuition includes bussing to and from their sport (if needed), facility rental and sport-specific coaching.  Some programs have clothing included in the tuition costs.  The PEAK clothing website is open all year long so students are able to purchase any PEAK attire. PEAK Link - Click Here

How do we pay tuition?

All PEAK tuition payments are made online through your Parent PowerSchool Account - Click here for link using Visa, MasterCard or Debit.  Cash payments can be made at the PEAK office.  Cheques are not accepted.  If you are new to Fort McMurray or new to FMPSD, you will need to create your Parent PowerSchool account.  Please contact your child's school secretary for their specific Access ID & Access Password to create your account.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes.  There are 3 local associations within Fort McMurray that offer Sports Program Funding:

Who can join the Sports Academy?

Any student willing to commit to strive for excellence both in the classroom and in their sport of choice can join this Sports Academy.

Can my child try the Sports Program for a day?

Yes!  We welcome students to come out for a Shadow Day to live the experience.  

Contact Krista Butz, 780-790-1100 or at the Peak Athletic Academy office to set up a day and time.

What must my child wear for dance?

Clothing requirements are listed on our Dancer's Attire page.

Will there be a performance opportunity for dancers?

Dancers are always encouraged to perform whenever the opportunity arises. The PEAK Academy will continue to encourage performance at local venues and events as an individual dancer. Our program will continue to focus on technique building throughout the year to enhance dance ability anywhere.