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PEAK Hockey

Our PEAK Hockey Academy is in its 6th year in Fort McMurray Public Schools (formerly known as Edge Skill Academy).  Last season, PEAK Performers made higher level teams at both provincial, national and international levels, with four athletes making Alberta Winter Games teams and four making Team Alberta for the Arctic Winter Games.  This is a great accomplishment for our student athletes and is a statement to the quality of our hockey instruction provided.  Of the 64 hockey student athletes last year in our PEAK Academy, 10 are pursuing hockey at a much higher level of competitive play for both females and males.

The Hockey Academy allows students to work on developing their skills to supplement what they are learning with the local Minor Hockey Association or community team.  Our student athletes are in skill specific training on the ice two days/week.  The Junior and Senior High Athletes are in the morning before class time every Tuesday & Thursday morning and our Elementary student athletes are in the afternoons.  In supplement to the sport specific portion of the PEAK program the students also have sports performance which covers off the areas of sports besides their sports specific that are needed in order for them to be successful such as nutrition, strength-training, flexibility, functional fitness and movement knowledge and leadership training.

During this time the students are also introduced to new sports and games that help develop a complete athlete that can understand and play nearly any type of sport or game. This class is twice a week for the students in junior high and on Instructional Fridays for students in elementary schools.

Our PEAK Athletic Academy monitors the achievements of our athletes through a series of in sport testing protocols used with provincial/national hockey programs.  These tests are used to identify the areas in which a student is making improvements in hockey development.  Our PEAK Academy also tracks the individual’s academic performance in classes/courses and ensures that they are maintaining levels of academic standard.  Every student showed success and improvement in one or more areas of testing.