"This year, my son started his first year with the PEAK Elementary Hockey Program. He began the year feeling a bit nervous and doubting his abilities, but those initial fears went away quickly --  thanks to the supportive, yet challenging environment created by Coach Haley and Coach Bob. PEAK has boosted his confidence and grown his skills. Throughout the season, he remained focused and committed, showing progress in both his technique and self-assurance. Seeing his development and love for hockey grow, has been incredibly rewarding. This program not only teaches young athletes the fundamentals of the sport but also teaches them perseverance and teamwork."

Megan (Elementary Hockey parent)


I'm grateful that my daughter participates in the Multi-Sport PEAK program. It has significantly boosted her confidence as she explores and masters various sports, making her a more well rounded athlete and student. This program is invaluable in fostering a love for activity and hopefully instilling a lifelong love for staying active.

Jadene (Multi-Sport Parent)

Our son loves the PEAK Elementary Basketball Academy and to be part of a community focused on self improvement through skill development and the philanthropic nature of giving back to needy families through the PEAK annual gift wrapping event. It's an amazing opportunity for students to see their passion within their school and he has had a positive impact in improving his confidence on and off the court as well. 

Parent (Elementary PEAK Basketball)

I like the PEAK at Walter Gladys Hill School because I learn more sports. I like that it is multi sport because I get to try new sports instead of the same old ones.

Brelyn (Grade 4, PEAK Multi-Sport Athlete)

"I enrolled my daughter in PEAK not only to improve her dance skills and keep her active, but also to ensure she is surrounded by other athletes that not only focus on their sport of choice but also on becoming better at everything they do.  What I have found is that my daughter not only strives to do better in school, where she sets goals for improvement, but she is becoming a strong leader and is surrounding herself with great friends with similar values.  All in all, the PEAK program has helped my daughter to be a better human."
Anonymous (Jr. High dance parent)

"I like that I get the chance to dance at school and learn about injury prevention."
Jr. High Dance Athlete

"If you are looking for a program that will help you academically and athletically, the PEAK program is for you!"
Jr. High Dance Athlete

"I like PEAK because it is within school hours. It doesn't interfere with my other after school activities."
Jr. High Dance Athlete

"PEAK pushes me to be better as an athlete and as a person."
Jr. High Soccer Athlete

"PEAK is a place where athletes go to improve. Soon after you join the program, you will notice your skill level reaching new heights.  You learn to work together and most importantly you learn from each other.  I know that I am stronger both physically and mentally because of PEAK.  I am proud to be part of such a wonderful program."
Jr. High Dance Athlete

"Our daughter joined the PEAK Soccer Program when our family moved to Fort McMurray in 2015.  Joining the program was a valuable step in transitioning to the new community.  Not only has the program helped our daughter maintain a high focus on academics, it has also further developed leadership skills both on and off the field.  Goal setting and regular feedback with school leadership gives us confidence her education is important to everyone."
Philippa & Tom (Jr. High Soccer parents)

"It's made me a better person."
Jr. High Hockey Athlete

"My son has thrived in the PEAK Athletic Hockey Academy the past three years.  He has received Honours with Distinction for both grade 7 and grade 8 and is on the right track to receiving the same this year.  He finds the early morning ice and in-school workout sessions a great way to get his body & brain ready for learning throughout the rest of his day.  He has a strong connection to his coaches.  He respects and trusts them.  The same goes for all of his past and present teachers.  He knows that he needs to do well in class if he wants to be in the program.  As a family, we enjoy the get togethers and being a part of the PEAK family.  I would recommend the PEAK Academy to any family!"
Anonymous, (Jr. High hockey parent)

"The PEAK program has done so much for the development of our son both on and off the ice.  When he started PEAK he was the kid on the ice that was at the bottom of his team.  The one-on-one coaching and the development of his game has been so effective that he is now one of the most skilled on his team.  What the program has done for his confidence both on and off the ice is astounding!  It's a great program with skilled coaches and all in all a positive experience that will benefit the kids in the future."
Anonymous (Jr. High hockey parent)

"We placed our daughter in PEAK Dance to support her figure skating development, and we have noticed a huge improvement in her overall presentation on the ice.  We appreciate the team attitude she is developing with the cohort of students in her group, and the connection the coaching and instructional staff make with the kids in the program.  In addition, we see her being more skilled at managing her time with her increased commitments, which is a significant asset to her learning as she moves forward."
Samantha (Elementary dance parent)

"The hockey program has allowed our child to develop into a well-respected individual that is excelling in school, being a positive role model for others and also lending a helping hand within our community.  He is learning what it means to be a team player all around.  These life skills we feel are very valuable along with being developed into a hockey player.  Thank you for allowing our child to be a part of a great program that focuses on developing our children to be a respected group in the community."
Stacey (Jr. High hockey parent)

"The sports academy offers a perfect balance of skills improvement and personal development.  This program provides kids with a foundation to be not only better athletes but community ambassadors."
Heather (Jr. High hockey parent)

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